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With more than 10 years of experience, NokTechnology has taken its first steps in the  field of software and digital solutions when it launched as a specialized division of  integrated digital solutions and web design for Noxholding, mother company.

In 2016 NokTechnology registered as company specializing in integrated software  design & digital solutions, The flourishing company succeeded to attract the most  efficient and experienced personnel in the field of software to be part of our  manpower, trusting the professional, effective and committed manpower is the key of  the success to any given organization.

We supports our customers, maintains  their investments providing the best  integrated solutions, promoting the  quality of services we provide and  efficiency of our programs and digital  products.

trust locally (and in neighboring  countries) to support all areas of  software market and even to serve the  areas of industry in particular and  support decision making centers




We provide a wide range of services to maintain your investments by protecting organization’s data, implementing the best digital structures and the latest

Develop Software & Digital Solution

As the fundamental function in NokTechnology we always develop our  own expertise and capabilities to grant you the best and most innovative  in software to move along with updates in that field and specifically  tailored to serve your business needs, We analyze each procedure in your  organization find flaws, provide better solutions to improve productivity,  prevent or reduce errors, and help your team make the best decision, All  of this is provided to you through the best and the latest technologies we  adopt, while ensuring the continuity of product efficiency

Mobile Phone Applications

We are a part of a world where every single person has a mobile phone and a  Smart Notebook, Therefore, we are specialized in designing and developing  applications for mobile phones and laptops to ensure that your organization  reaches its customers in an optimal manner or to facilitate your employees  using our products and services to accomplish their work,We are blessed with  an expert team of engineers specialized in all types of data that related to  mobile phones, Android, iPhone, Windows and other devices to ensure the  accessibility of our services to customers

Technical support

To ensure the quality of our products and services, we provide ongoing  technical support services to all our customers once they contracted to  have any of our services,We provide all channels of communication  between the customer and the support team to facilitate the process of  communication we also and to ensure the level of service and speed we  undertake a particular response time to solve any technical problems  emphasizing the efficiency of our product in the way it supports your  organization.

Hosting Services

We offer the latest technologies in the field of web hosting, web applications,  mobile phones, and e-mail, relying on the best technologies and tools that  provide maximum stability and security of data, We have all kinds of  operating environments and latest servers with maximum security factors,  We rely on our partnership with the largest hosting company in the world,  Microsoft®, using Cloud computing services, with the best price schemes  based on payment according to usage


Smart Reporting Engine

Electronic Shopping Applications

Order Tracking System

We provide a smart reporting engine using the latest technology to assist Personnel Department in your organization managing tasks  effortlessly & flawlessly. The engine generates several reports with possibility to design more reports based on the needs of your organization

The internet has taken over the world. These days, almost everything can be found online. You know it’s true – the  internet has simplified all aspects of life and online shopping is one area where convenience shines

Is A type of Software application that provides end-to-end items tracking, which allows to digitally preview and manage  packages. you can track packages in terms of where they are located, and when they will be delivered.

Meeting Room Manager

Electronic price tag


My smart store


Meeting Room Manager (MRM) is a dynamic room scheduling solution that helps organizations to optimize their use of  shared meeting spaces. You can book any conference room or huddle space within your network from your mobile  device, computer,

we are able to produce professional looking tags. They are like silent salesmen, telling the customer about the features, benefits,

and special promotions. Customers rely on them to educate themselves about our merchandise


In our ongoing study of the needs of the market around us and our view of all developments in the field of software and digital  solutions, we have provided the simplest and smartest solutions that support you in the control and control of your store without  worrying about the pre-installation or other requirements of POS systems.


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